I believe in reality as a psychological and social construction, primarily an intersubjective act, composed by the relation between subjectivities that are marked on how we interact with each other and in how we manufacture the objects and ideas that surround us.

I believe in objects as cultural artifacts. Matter released into the world, charged with subjective intention and illuminated by the culture that preceded it.

I like objects. I like the physical experience that things generate. With that I don’t distinguish between a form, or an idea; both are different inputs that we have to receive information and all the inputs has the aesthetic potential to generate something whom observes. I like the possibility to experiment with those sensations. I see experimentation as a form of material thinking.

I believe in ideas, in the artworks as hypothesis carried to the material world and sculpture as a form to put ideas into space. I strongly believe in culture as a game field, as a dialog between all the people of all times.

I’m interested in the notion of time, of history: in the idea of the cultural time. I’m interested in the relation that we can have from our present with other times and  other cultures. I like to think how the romantics saw in the medieval ruins and the landscape the sensibility that they were looking for, or how certain western thinkers have seen in the east his ideas better reflected than in their own culture. I think those crosses manifest complex social and subjective processes, more than being mere fashions or whims.

My work refers to culture sometimes, yes, but the shapes are not given to illustrate something. I like simple forms, direct statements and clear ideas, even sometimes don’t seem so. I’m interested in create monoliths, marks to serve as a medium to generate cultural relations and phenomenological experiences.